AfriCoin Intl is currently the only product based and silver backed cryptocurrency.

Welcome To AfriCoin International

AfriCoin International is a global organization, issuing digital currency and tokens of value built on the WAVES BLOCKCHAIN. AfriCoin International, uses WAVES technological protocol to manage payment transactions between users around the world. All transactions take place online and operates with no central authority or banks. 

We at AfriCoin International had to make the critical decision of choosing the right BLOCKCHAIN to support our digital currency. After months of research, we made the decision to build on what we believe to be the safest, fastest, evolving BLOCKCHAIN in the industry; WAVES!  

If you haven't already done so, head on over to WAVES to download your wallet. Make sure to follow their directions carefully. The future looks bright for the WAVES BLOCKCHAIN, so make sure to include WAVES in your Crypto holdings. AfriCoin Silver Cryptos on the WAVES BLOCKCHAIN, both to become #1.

Find out more about WAVES and to download your wallet

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The Three Pillars Of AfriCoin

.999 Real Fine Silver Bullion Coins

1 Troy ounce .999 silver coins, produced by an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer. A powerful investment combination. Invest in AfriCoin Silver Cryptos and hedge your bet with real silver rounds! A total of 100,000,000  silver coins to be minted.

AAGC Cryptocurrency

A - AfriCoin  A G - Symbol for silver  C - Cryptos

Since the year 2013, when AfriCoin first introduced the idea of an ICO and silver backed cryptocurrency, the industry has been actively working on how to make it happen. 

Here is what we are not doing:

We are not selling a digital token that can be exchanged for silver.

We are not selling bits of silver that's still in the ground.

We are not creating a decentralized market for trading "shares" of silver bullion electronically by utilizing the trading of tokens.

We are not selling Silver Paper or any other instrument of potential theft.

What We Are Doing:

At the end of the day, you either have silver in hand, or you don't! Remember the term, "possession is nine-tenths of the law." This is an expression meaning that ownership is easier to maintain if one has possession of something, or difficult to enforce if one does not.

AfriCoin Silver Cryptos, is the world's first cryptocurrency that's truly backed by a precious metal.  Real silver rounds that, "YOU" the investor will hold in your personal possession. 

Each silver coin, via an embedded serial number, is registered to each coin holder. As each silver coin is purchased; by way of its owner, an equal amount of AAGC is released into the world. 

AAGC is the digital currency attached to the silver; and, can trade as high as the market will bear. However, the price of AAGC will never trade below the trading price of silver (unless you are willing to take a loss). 

With AAGC, you have a backed cryptocurrency with no government or agencies raising and lowering interest rates (along with other balancing acts). No cheating like the printing of fiat; just the Confidence, WILL and POWER of the PEOPLE! 

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AfriCoin International (AfriCoin Intl.)

AfriCoin International, is an organization that serves as the administrative installation for AfriCoin digital currency, products, and services; and, also serves as a brand for smart-phone cases, apparel, watches, jewelery, sun glasses, T-shirts, caps and hats. We even have a bottle of AfriCoin Wine.

Are you a stacker of silver bullion coins? Good news! Expand your market into buying silver bullion coins that are backing a cryptocurrency. AfriCoin Intl. is pleased to announce, AfriCoin Silver CRYPTOS! Silver bullion coins for sale!

AfriCoin International the company (AfriCoin Intl.), also offers the 1st DACO financial investment product (Decentralized Allocation Crypto Ownership) Total shares: 100,000,000.

This is an investment product that represents the growth and progress of the AfriCoin International company. So, hide and secure your silver coins, hold on to your digital company shares and spend your backed AAGC cryptocurrency.

AfriCoin Silver Cryptos

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