AfriCoin Intl is currently the only product based and silver backed cryptocurrency.


Black Crypto Street

Black Wall Street Rises Again!


The question is, why would you invest in anything African? Simple, there's a universal language other than music and it's called money. Not to mention, humans have an incredible ability to rise and overcome adversity.

Here is a YouTube link to a documentary delivered by the History Channel:

It's titled, "Tulsa Oklahoma Black Wall Street." 

African American's spending power is over $1.2T per year. At the current rate of silver sales, Black Wall Street is rising again. However, this time, thanks to cryptocurrency and smart-contracts, it's online and the Internet cannot be burned down.

As a result, you will witness the greatest return of a people with its own major economy. Why is this important to you, because like anything else, you have to get in early to receive the rewards.

Make sure to watch the video and know that this time will have a different ending.

ICO - Initial Coin Offering

The AfriCoin Intl. ICO has started.


AfriCoin International the company offers the 1st DACO financial investment product (Decentralized Allocation Crypto Ownership) Total shares: 100,000,000.

This is an investment product that represents the growth and progress of the AfriCoin International company.

To purchase you have two options:

1. Click on the AfriCoin Products tab and follow the directions, or

2. Trading on the WAVES decentralized  trading platform.

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