AfriCoin Intl is currently the only product based and silver backed cryptocurrency.

AfriCoin Intl. Road Map

Step 1 - Convert your paper dollars over to AfriCoin Intl. shares

HOW: Enter the promotional product store and shop for merchandise that equals the amount of AfriCoin Intl. you want to own. 

Example: you purchased 5 promotional items totaling $100. You  will receive $100 worth of AfriCoin Intl. shares. 

Step 2 - Claim Your AfriCoin Intl. shares

HOW: Once you receive your order by mail, send us an email at:

and provide us with your order number and WAVES wallet address. We will then deposit your order amount of AfriCoin Intl. shares. 

Step 3 - Use Your AfriCoin Intl. To Make Some Purchases

HOW: Search our directory for businesses that are accepting AfriCoin Intl. shares as payment.


Why The Road Map Is Important

AfriCoin International is creating a transaction model the connects consumers with businesses, in order to develop a new financial transaction ecosystem.  History tells us that at some point the fiat monetary system will fail. AfriCoin International is artfully positioned for systems of commerce and trade to continue. The U.S. Dollar will only be used as a pricing marker to determine the selling price of goods and services.

Consummer Process


Let's walk through the results of taking the road map steps listed above. Let's say Judy enters the promotional store and buys $100 worth of items. She received her order by postal mail and she is happy with her items.

Next, Judy downloads her WAVES wallet and emails AfriCoin International her order number and WAVES wallet address.

AfriCoin International then deposits $100 worth of AfriCoin Intl. shares into Judy's wallet. Judy is now ready to make her first purchase from a business that excepts AfriCoin Int. shares as payment for their good and or services.

 Judy went online to the AfriCoin International business listings and finds that her favorite BBQ restaurant is accepting AfriCoin Intl. shares as payment. 

Business Owner Process


The owner of D's BBQ is looking to acquire $1,000 worth of AfriCoin Intl. shares, so he makes an AfriCoin Intl. transaction with his customer, Judy.

Judy orders a BBQ Rib Plate Special, which will cost $10 worth of AfriCoin Intl. Judy uses her smart phone and opens her WAVES wallet. She clicks on the SEND icon, sets the amount of AfriCoin Intl. to send, and then scans the RECEIVE QR Code displayed on D's BBQ's smartphone. A few seconds later, $10 worth of AfriCoin Intl. shares are now in D's BBQ's wallet account.

The next logical step in the business owner process, is for the business owner  to search the AfriCoin business listings for vendors that are accepting AfriCoin Intl. 

The goal is for a business to be able to purchase products, services and materials that are needed to produce their products. This creates the Eco-system.